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Misha Ha Baka and Ha Baka Book releases Portraits of a Lonely Mystic (Kindle Edition)

"My name is The Lonely Mystic. I’ve been known by other names and other faces. I’m on a quest to learn the answers to burning questions, such as which came first the Matzah ball or the chicken? Is sex really safe? Who is the Sandman? Do aliens exist? What happened millions of years ago in the solar system and who was sleeping with whom then? Do club soda bubbles affect brain cells? What to do in the midst of a bank robbery when you are caught holding the bag? These are some of the perplexities facing a time traveling, shape shifting, inter- dimensional and globe trotting Jewish boy from Brooklyn who is destined to save the world. Plus, it is illustrated in 3D!"

Portraits of a Lonely Mystic consists of 80 illustrations and chapters depicting aspects of The Lonely Mystic's early childhood, life adventures, life lessons and his mystic development. As to the veracity of the events depicted, let us say that is "mystical!"

Bonus: Learn about the early origins of QuantumREotics

as excerpted from:

Chapter 31 The Messenger - Divine Directions:​BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, BROOKLYN—1977​

"The Lonely Mystic was elated since he had been cured. He was even more elated about him no longer being ill! He felt, I am ready to be more of who I already am. I’m not sure what that might be? Perhaps I need someone to REfold me so that I fit better into my present. He knew that if his present was too tightly packed, there be no room for the future. Although he knew how to pack well, (he could fit a lot into his knapsack) he knew that he needed to restructure parts of himself and his life in order to move on. After all, he had spent many years studying QuantumREotics while he lived in Brooklyn. Of course all of this studying was occurring on other levels while he was playing with his pink blanky, the Nah at the time."

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