Misha Ha Baka releases Two Women, Three Flamingoes and a Pooch Print Operas

The first in the series of digital paintings I created was I called Two Women Contemplating the Nature of the Universe. When I looked at it I was surprised to see two figures in the lower left hand corner looking up at the rest of the painting. They appeared to be female. Hence, the “women” part of the title. As to why they were contemplating the nature of the universe? What they were looking at seemed larger than life to me. It looked like elemental and atomic, with gyrating movements of light dancing around in the darkness of space. Of course they would be contemplating it, the mind, the heart and the soul attempts to understand what it experiences. Humor is perhaps one of the greatest healing and transformational art forms that I know. What better way to share these paintings then to have two wise females humorously giving their unbridled opinions on what they were looking at?

Much to my surprise, these very two same women appeared again in another painting. This time they appeared in the lower right hand corner. They also brought a small menagerie of animals with them: Three Flamingoes and a Pooch! This is the black and white version of this book. There is also a black and white version called: Two Women, Three Flamingoes and a Pooch Print Operas BW. Creativity has been a part of my entire life. As a child, I picked up some pastels and began sketching flowers. As a teenager I turned to the camera and started doing photography at an early age. I picked up a guitar or synthesizer and started to compose, or I picked up some brushes and started to paint. Over the years it has manifested itself in several areas such as photography, music, painting, writing, healing and of late, cooking and baking. Simultaneous to a driving fascination with ancient philosophies was an addiction to state of the art technologies. I always strove to experiment with the innovative technological advances as they came forward. With painting, the medium used always-communicated its intelligence to me by instructing me how to use it to express both it and myself. Oils taught me fluidity, color, brilliance and longevity; gauche and watercolors taught me patience and precision; Sumi-e taught me speed and tonality; and pastels taught me transitional gentleness and ink drawings taught me exactitude and delineation. However, it wasn’t until I was able to waltz with the digital camera that I learned freedom. The camera was the brush and light was the medium. Light danced across my electronic canvas as I played my inspirational compositions. Then I was faced with the creative choice as to how can I take a fluid dancing moment and translate that to a stationary print. After much experimentation, the Print Operas series was created. My intent was to produce a print, which stretched the gamut of color intensity and captured the luminosity, brilliance and multi-dimensionality of the original digital art. To this end, I created what I call Print Operas. When I look at the Print Opera series I can see many of the things that influence my life such as technology, healing energetics, music, gestures and motion, the luminosity of gems, and the brilliance of gold. It was much to my surprise when I also began to see other things too. The seemingly random moments in time and space when synthesized together appeared to whisper and hint at archetypal shapes, dimensional forms and even some stories unfolded. At first I thought that I was creatively fantasizing, but when others, without prompt saw such too. Receptive viewers were entranced by the art experience, as they were absorbed into the Print Opera sequence. They found the experience to be an opportunity of heightened visual excitement coupled with being momentarily transported to a space outside their own. After having created these works, it was much to my surprise and pleasure to see that so many of the diverse influencing aspects of my life could come together the way they did. I look at these works as synchronistic coincidences, which happen to synergistic-ally integrate to produce archetypal innuendos. To me they are simple, complex, bold, dynamic, and deep. I used whatever state of the art computer, video, and photographic technology available to me to create an encapsulated amalgamation of a dance of light.

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