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Misha Ha Baka releases the first Ha Baka Book!

The first in the series of Print Operas that I created was Two Women Contemplating the Nature of the Universe. When I looked at it I was surprised to see what appeared to be two figures in the lower left hand corner looking up at the rest of the painting. They looked female. Hence, the "women" part of the title. As to why they were contemplating the nature of the universe? What they were looking at seemed larger than life to me. It looked like elemental and atomic like with gyrating movements of light dancing around in the darkness of space. Of course they would be contemplating it, the mind, the heart and the soul attempts to understand what it experiences. For me humor is perhaps one of the greatest healing and transformational art forms that I know. What better way to share these paintings then to have two wise females humorously giving their unbridled opinions on what they were looking at? "I think that we should move it a little to the left, right?" "You are most probably right, but what do we do with what's left?"

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