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Ha Baka Book publishes Confessions of a Lonely Mystic small talk

Today Ha Baka Book released the publication of Misha Ha Baka's new book: Confessions of a Lonely Mystic small.

Confessions of a Lonely Mystic small talk is a glimpse into a personal journey towards finding ?God, love and a place in this world. It is a collection of poems that were written during years of searching fro a love to be, ways to help facilitate constructive and beneficial changes for this world and most importantly, develop a personal relationship with God. Within the pages of small talk, you journey from the bowels of NYC to Masada. You ascend from the depths of disappointment, depression and loneliness to other dimensions, higher realms and sublime spaces. You sojourn into the hidden recesses of an ever expanding heart longing for an elusive romance and communion with the Divine. You listen to the dialogue within an active creative imagination and decisive intellect that examines the minutia of everyday life, finding hidden meaning and cryptic purpose in their slightest occurrence. Deity and desire, the common and the sublime, the indifferent and the dedicated all share the same space. Within its pages, all are equally important, because they define a personal relationship with God. And perhaps, when you are ready to exit this small talk, like a lonely mystic, you may walk away knowing that when all seems lost, all can still be regained.

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