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Ha Baka Book publishes Confessions of a Lonely Mystic short talk

Today Ha Baka Book released the publication of Misha Ha Baka's new book: Confessions of a Lonely Mystic short talk.

Confessions of a Lonely Mystic short talk is a collection of ten short stories. The Lonely Mystic recounts his encounters with the paranormal. He witnesses apparitions of the recently departed, and Spirit Guides who come in the form of colorful characters and can also assume the shape of animals. A parade of departed spirits invades his space as do droves of insects and birds. The backdrop can be Mexico, the North East or Poland. The time frame can be recent, decades past, or during the Holocaust. In short talk God, Spirit, Self and Soul find ways to clearly reveal their close presence and active participation in the life of a Lonely Mystic.

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